Only a few simple steps and and we prepare your unique, one and only piece of clothing.

With our technology we put your drawing not only on the front of your dress or T-shirt, but on the back as well.

It can be a special, unique gift for special ocasions or for everyday.

How it works


and Design

Print the Template and just watch how your child lets loose their imagination.


Take a photo
of your drawing

Send your drawing in superb quality, and we make the clothes of your dreams real.

How to take a good photo

Clothes from
Your Fantasy World

Be proud to wear your unique and beautiful piece of clothing!

Others' ideas

How to make a good photo

1.Take a photo, do not scan

Take a photo of the coloured Template. If you want to use an earlier masterpiece, click here.

2. Avoid shadowing

Make sure the shadow of your mobile cannot be seen on it, and do not crumple the paper.

3. Proper lights

The natural light is the best. Avoid using flash.

4. Steady hands

Make sure the photo to be taken is well-focused and sharp. The sharper the photo the more perfect the clothes are.

5. Good resolution

The more modern mobile phones have very good resolution. Choose a resolution over 5 MP.

6. Go close.

Take the photo from as close as possible, but include the whole Template.

Important information on the T-shirts

Since we do not print on ready-made clothes, minor changes may occur in the drawing. We believe these changes do not harm the perfection of the clothes, but the opposite is true.

Adjustment at the fittings

A few minor details of the drawing may be left out at the collar and the sleeves. The reason for this is that we do not print on ready-made clothes, but each piece is printed, cut, and then sewed.

Size adjustment

The back of the clothes include the same drawing as the front, though, slightly enlarged. A few minor details might be cut out.


The brighter colours you use, the more colourful your clothes become. You can use any device, but don’t forget: your clothes will look exactly like your drawing.

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