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Isn’t it a well-known situation that when you leave home, taking your kid to the kindergarten or anywhere else, and you walk past three other small boys or girls wearing the same T-shirt or dress as your child?
We both were already mothers of two when we came across the idea of creating unique clothes for our children for special occasions. Since the children of both of us love drawing, it was not a question that they should wear their own creations and their colourful imagination should be present on the clothes, in our everyday life. After having seen the first prototype, my daughter, Liza, put on the first dress designed by her, and she jumped with joy, while clapping hands. And our sons have become inseparable from the T-shirts with small cars’ prints that were coloured by them. Of course, the contours of the small cars needed a bit of a maternal intervention ☺ Our friends’ and acquaintances’ kids were also drawing their first sketches with great enthusiasm at the time, independently of their age… This is how DREAM DRAW DRESS was born ☺
We hope to be able to make YOUR child’s face beaming with pleasure when they wear a special piece of clothing, where the uniqueness of the design is guaranteed.

Judit Eszter


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